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Industrial Cooling Equipment

Our company manufactures Industrial Cooling Equipment in various grades and technical specifications. We offer a wide range of Industrial Cooling Equipment that includes Panel Air Conditioners, Ductable Air Conditioner, Spindle Oil Coolers, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Air Oil Cooler, Immersion Cooler, Dual Circuit Coolers and Industrial Water Chillers. our range of Cooling Equipment meets the industrial norms of quality and standard. The equipment differs in capacity, power, source, weight, refrigerant, and many more. Uniformity in heat transferring is the key factor of our Industrial Cooling Equipment due to which we have received repeated orders from the clients. Additionally, our Cooling Equipment Add to the life of electrical and electronic equipment.

Panel Mountable Air Conditioners

Panel Air Conditioners are utilized to dissipate heat generated by AC / DC Drives, Electrical / Electronic components inside a control panel. In industries the work environment is hot, humid and dirty in general. To avoid entry of dust, dirt and moisture inside the sealed panel the use of ambient air is refrained. Panel Air read more...

Ductable Panel Air Conditioner

Ductable Panel Air-Conditioners are utilized when the volume of the panel to be cooled is large and the cooling requirement is high. Here the panel doors may not be able to host large capacity panel mountable coolers as they would weigh more. To offset this disadvantage a Ductable Panel Air Conditioner is recommended. A read more...

Spindle Oil Coolers

Spindle oil coolers are utilized to reject the heat generated by the spindle bearings during high rpm operations. The Spindle Oil / Coolant is circulated through the cooling circuits in the spindle head. The unit utilizes a Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger to transfer the heat removed from the spindle head with the Oil / Coolant read more...

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Coolers are utilized to maintain the temperature of the Hydraulic Oil in the sump at a nominal level (Predetermined). The cooling system reduces the down time ofthe machine by avoiding damages to the Oil seals, O rings / Gaskets and to the Oil itself due to excessive temperature builtup otherwise . These units read more...

Air Oil Cooler

Air-Oil coolers are utilized in applications where the required temperature of the oil can be above ambient. These units are equipped with a Fin & Tube Heat Exchanger and an Axial Fan. Generally Oil from the bleed line of the power pack is passed through the copper tubes and ambient air with the help of the axial fan is read more...

Industrial Water Chillers

Water Chillers are utillized for various applications in different industries like Foundries, Machine Tools, Plastics, Chemicals, Metal Cutting etc. Our Compact Super Chiller series are available in both air-cooled and water cooled versions. They are designed and manufactured with the latest engineering expertise to maintain read more...

Immersion Type Cooler

These units are utilized to cool and maintained the coolant sump of machining centre and grinding oil of honing machines at required temperature. The unit is mounted directly on top of the tank and the stainless steel evaporator section is immersed into the Coolant / Oil. The units are equipped with a digital temperature read more...

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